Hearts For Hue’s November 2019 Newsletter


Dear Donors, Colleagues, and Friends, First of all, Hearts For Hue would like to send our warmest greetings and best wishes to all of you and express our sincere thanks for your support of disadvantaged people in Vietnam. We would like to share with you an overview of what our organization was doing from October to November  2019 Please take a look at our project highlights below:

The visiting trip of Veteran For Peace Delegation to A Luoi District

A Lưới is a mountainous district in Thua Thien Hue province, 70 kilometers west of the city of Hue. It is bounded on its westerner edge by the Laos border. The population of the district is 39,000 people, in which 4,000 people are affected by Agent Orange.   The district saw some very heavy fighting during the war, including widespread use of Agent Orange. The legacy of Agent Orange use continues to affect the health of people in district. Toxic dioxin still contaminates the soil and water in some areas. The burden of cancer, ill-health and disability make AO affected families fall deeper into poverty. See more

Delivering complementary inputs to Vinh Thai Chicken Raising Club

Under the sponsorship of the Rotary International (USA), Hearts for Hue in association with the Vinh Thai People’s Committee has been implementing Chicken raising project – to improve economic condition for poor/disabled people near Hue, Vietnam. This project aims that families with one or more members suffering disabilities or people with disadvantaged can improve their see more



Vinh Thai – Baby Chicks Delivered

Fifty Vinh Thai Chicken Club members, Hearts for Hue staff and the Chairman and Chairwoman of the Local People’s Committee all gathered, waiting expectantly for a truck to come trundling out of the morning mist and wind it’s way across the swathe of rice paddies. See more




Vinh Thai Chicken Raising Club – November Monthly Meeting

On Thursday the 28th November, Hearts for Hue went again to Vinh Thai to continue working with the new Vinh Thai Chicken Raising Club. The primary purpose was to facilitate the first monthly Chicken Raising Club self-help meeting. See more




Volunteering in Hue in November 2019

In November 2019, Hearts for Hue was very pleased to collaborate with Wide Eyed Pupils to conduct four different community service projects with more than 130 international volunteers in Hue, Vietnam which are:

We Are Bamboo in November: Mrs Tran Thi Vy

Mrs Trần Thị Vỹ (1965) family is one of the poorest households in Sơn Công 2 Village, Hương Vân Community. She is a single mom who is living with a daughter (25 years old) and her mom who is 79 years old. Mrs Vỹ got an operation on her spine since she got an accident. Due to the spine injured, she is not able to do any hard jobs. Her daughter is working as a tailor at a local factory with a low income. Currently, she tries to make ends meet by selling some duck eggs, chicken eggs as well as raising a flock of 20 chickens. However, building an appropriate chicken coop for bigger raising scale is beyond her reach. The family has been struggling with unstable income. In addition, they have been living in the house consisted of rotted materials while the floor was soiled.  See more

Microfinance Pilot Savings Training

Yesterday afternoon, the 15th October, Hearts for Hue trialed our newly rewritten financial management curriculum for our microfinance borrowers. For the trial, we presented one of our new savings modules to 15 clients in Vy Da ward, where we have been providing microfinance for almost ten years. Of the 15 clients, 10 were from an existing group and 5 were new borrowers to the program. See more


Once again, Hearts For Hue would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the donors for their great concern for the less fortunate people of our community. We hope that the cooperation between the donors and Hearts for Hue will grow even closer and more sustainable in the future. We wish you and your family good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Hearts For Hue Team.

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