Hearts For Hue Newsletter December 2018

Welcome to Hearts For Hue’s December 2018 Newsletter. 

Dear Donors, Colleagues, and Friends,

First of all, Hearts For Hue would like to send our warmest greetings and best wishes to all of you and express our sincere thanks for your support of disadvantaged people in Vietnam. 

We would like to share with you an overview of what our organization was doing from October to December 2018

 Please take a look at our project highlights below: 

Virtual Solidarity Coffee turned into chickens.

On September 11th, 2018 we were pleased to receive in our offices a group of members of the Spanish NGO “Share A Coffee For”.

“Share A Coffee For” is a solidarity initiative aimed at raising funds for social projects by small donations under the form of “virtual solidarity coffees”. Funds raised through the sale of virtual solidarity coffees are committed to several purposes which you may choose by selecting one among different “coffee flavors”. Donors may choose to allocate the proceeds of their virtual coffee to humanitarian aid, environment, childhood, woman, education, elderly, social aid emergencies, animals and health. See more 

Providing Newcastle disease vaccines for chicken raising program sponsored by the PiCCA. 

With the main purpose of ensuring the chicken’s health, Hearts For Hue implemented the regularly chicken’s health check for the beneficiaries under the program “Improve the living quality of people with disabilities through chicken raising program” Outsponsored by the PiCCA (Aus). See more 




Our scholarships family keeps growing.

On November 16th, 2018, ten more Ngày mai Scholarships were delivered to ten children at the Xuan Loc Primary School in Xuan Loc commune, Phu Loc District. The delivery of the Scholarships took place in an informal ceremony held in the school during a small break in the classes.

Mr. Hoa, Principal of the school, Mr. Truong Trong Khanh, Founder and CEO of Hearts For Hue and Mr. Agustin Garcia, promoter of these scholarships, delivered the Scholarships to the children. See more


Meeting with 50 families to support in raising chicken program.

Vinh Thai is one of poorest communes of Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province. The population of Vinh Thai is about 6,300 people, of which poor people and people with disability are estimated to be more than 200 people.

According to several reports, poor and disable people lack an activity that can fill their life. This lack of an activity leads them to a lack of self-esteem and lack of confidence. As a consequence of this situation, poor and disabled people do not integrate in their communities, what increases a loneliness feeling and of being a burden for their own families. See more 


The second chicken distribution sponsored by the PiCCA (AUS). 

Hearts For Hue was very pleased to implement the second delivery of fully vaccinated 2500 chicks to 50 people with disabilities under the project of  “Improving the living quality of people with disabilities in Vinh Phu Commune” which sponsored by the PiCCA (Aus).

Along with the delivery of chickens, the project includes an extremely important training session of how to prevent the common disease for chicks which assist the participants to obtain a better understanding how to realize the syndrome and how to treat them by their own. See more 


Community Service Program December 2018. 

From 9th to 26th December 2018, three groups of more than 60 SMU and SIT students under the assistance of Hearts For Hue came to Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam to conduct three different projects which are:

–      Project Cloud Nine 3 (SMU) at Quang Phuoc Primary School, Quang Phuoc commune, Quang Dien district.

–      Project Hue Hope 9 (SMU) at Tan My Kindergarten, Quang Ngan Commune

–      Project Phoject V 7.0 (SIT) at Hoa Mi 1 Kindergarten, Quang Vinh Commune. See more


Once again, Hearts For Hue would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the donors for their great concern for the less fortunate people of our community. We hope that the cooperation between the donors and Hearts for Hue will grow even closer and more sustainable in the future. We wish you and your family good health, happiness, and prosperity. 

Hearts for Hue.







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