December: Mr Ngo Van Dao’s Family

Ms Phan Thi Hong  (63 years old) and Mr Ngo Van Dao (73 years old) are the grandparents of Ms Ngo Thi Lan Anh (18 years old) who is a people affected by Agent Orange, due to the fact that Ms. Anh’s Father used to be a soldier in the Cam Lo Battle, Quang Tri Province in 1994. Her father has to go to Lam Dong Province to work as a construction worker and sending some allowance (2,000,000 vnd) to the grandparents to raise his children ( Ms Anh and a son who is at grade 9). The grandparents are the farmer who planting rice, cassava, peanuts and raising some chicks which only bring some meagre income to the family (350,00 – 400,000 vnd per month).  In addition, they raised some pigs but owing to the pig shelter are damaged recently; they are no longer raising pigs.

From 13th to 15th December 2018, a group of 10 international volunteers of We Are Bamboo Travel Company gave a hand to build a new chicken coop which has helped her family expand the chicken raising model and generate more income. Additionally, the group distributed 40 baby chicks and some neccessaries to the family.

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