Construction of 33 hygienic latrines soon to begin in Hong Thuy Commune, A Luoi District, Thua Thien Hue Province

Under the sponsorship of  The DOVE FUND, Hearts for Hue recently cooperated with the People’s Committee of Hong Thuy Commune to survey the needs of hygienic latrines of 33 local households on July 25th 2018.

Hong Thuy Commune has a population of 3,150 people. They are mostly from the Katu ethnic group.In 2017, under sponsored of Dove Fund, 40 households of Hong Thuy commune had a chance to access clean and safe water system for their daily life. However, most of the local people here haven’t had hygienic latrines as their living conditions to generally be very low.

During the survey process, we found that most families are currently using latrines that are homemade, substandard and unhygienic. This also causes environmental pollution. Hearts for Hue also invited the constructional team to join the survey as they can give comments/ advice for local people about the position of hygienic latrines According to the plan, six first hygienic latrines will be commenced at the beginning of August. Hearts for Hue make sure to finish these 33 hygienic latrines before October of this year. We hope that the living conditions of people in Hong Thuy commune will be improved through this program.

On behalf of the local citizens and authorities, we would like to thank The Dove Fund for their valuable support in contributing to the success of this program and the improvement of living conditions for the people of Hong Thuy commune.

Hearts For Hue.

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