In December 2023, Hearts for Hue welcomed 25 students from Singapore Management University (SMU) to Quang Ngan Kindergarten under Project HUE HOPE 13.

Quang Ngan Kindergarten is in a poor rural coastal area of Thua Thien Hue province. The project helped to improve the school’s infrastructure by building a vegetable garden. This would provide students with fresh and green vegetables in their daily meals. Despite the laborious work, the SMU team worked wholeheartedly together to build a beautiful garden with many types of vegetables.

In addition, they also spend time teaching English and playing with the kids there, as well as the students from Quang Ngan Primary School nearby.

On December 16, 2023, the project members had a Cultural Exchange Program with students from the University of Economics, Hue University. The two groups had a great time sharing Singaporean and Vietnamese culture, introducing their schools, and playing some interesting games.

Lasting from December 08 to 21, 2023, Project HUE HOPE 13 exerted a significant impact on students’ education and learning environment. On behalf of teachers and children of Quang Ngan Kindergarten and Quang Ngan Primary School, Hearts for Hue sincerely thanks the great support of 25 members from Singapore Management University (SMU) to our community.

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