Community Service Program: Project Blossom (SMU) 2023

The talented students of Project Blossom from Singapore Management University (SMU), led by Ryan and Siri, collaborated with Hearts for Hue to carry out an impactful community development project at Phu Da 3 Primary School. From May 2nd to May 12th, their collaborative efforts aimed to improve the school’s facilities and teach English for the students and make a positive difference in the local community.

Throughout the 10-day project, the dedicated team of 19 members and H4H’s volunteers worked tirelessly to enhance the school’s facilities by painting the door systems and muralling. Their work had a tangible impact on the students of Phu Da 3, as they created a safe and visually engaging learning environment. In addition, the improvement of the school’s facilities also helped the school meet national standards.

However, the project did not stop at infrastructure improvements alone. Recognizing the significance of holistic education, the Project Blossom team also organized engaging English lessons to enhance language skills and promote cultural exchange. The students at Phu Da 3 enjoyed interactive lessons that helped them develop their language abilities and broaden their knowledge. The lessons were organized and taught based on the grade levels, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 5, with topics revolving around different countries around the world, professions, fruits, vegetables, and health. The majority of students in the school had the opportunity to participate in these sessions.

The team also organized fun outdoor experiences for the students. They engaged in team-building exercises, sports, and recreational games, which brought joy and taught important life skills like teamwork, resilience, and leadership.

In addition to the project activities, the members also had the opportunity to exchange cultural experiences and network with students from the Hue University of Economics. This experience provided all the members with a deeper understanding of the culture of Vietnam.

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