Community Service Program December 2018

Since 2013, Hearts For Hue (H4H) has worked with Singapore Management University and Singapore Institute of Technology as a facilitator to organize Community service projects for their students.

From 9th to 26th December 2018, three groups of more than 60 SMU and SIT students under the assistance of Hearts For Hue came to Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam to conduct three different projects which are:

–      Project Cloud Nine 3 (SMU) at Quang Phuoc Primary School, Quang Phuoc commune, Quang Dien district.

–      Project Hue Hope 9 (SMU) at Tan My Kindergarten, Quang Ngan Commune

–      Project Phoject V 7.0 (SIT) at Hoa Mi 1 Kindergarten, Quang Vinh Commune



Volunteers focused on fence construction for kindergartens; teaching English and life skills for children and cooking daily lunch. Moreover, more than thirty local volunteers which are Hue students recruited by Hearts For Hue also lent a hand to support Singaporean volunteers in translation and completing the tasks during projects.

As a result, thanks to volunteers’ hard work, there are four newly-built fences which help to project property of the kindergarten and create safe learning environment for kindergarten students.



In addition to activities of projects, volunteers also had the chance to participate in cultural exchange with Hue University students, to visit some famous historical monuments in Hue and to have days out to visit some people with disabilities house. These activities aim to give Singaporean volunteers a better understanding of life in rural areas in particular and Vietnamese culture in general.



Hearts for  Hue is very pleased to be a companion of SMU and SIT students to facilitate them contribute to the community. On behalf of Hearts For Hue, we would like to express gratitude for great contribution of SMU and SIT students to our community as well as the support of local volunteers in order to make the projects very successful ones.


Hearts for Hue Team.


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