Hearts For Hue, with the support of the D.O.V.E Fund, has been able to create a positive impact on the lives of children in Huong Tra commune. The collaborative efforts between Hearts For Hue and local authorities have led to the construction of vegetable gardens for children at six kindergartens, with Huong Van Kindergarten being one of them.

“The children of Huong Van Kindergarten and other kindergartens in Huong Tra commune have been given a unique opportunity to learn about the environment and sustainable living through the creation of vegetable gardens in their schools,” said Ms. Thuan, the principal of Huong Van Kindergarten.

The vegetable garden at Huong Van Kindergarten has exceeded our expectations, as it provides fresh and nutritious vegetables for daily meals. Access to fresh produce is essential for the health and development of growing children, and these gardens serve as a practical solution to address this concern. The gardens provide children with healthy food options while also promoting environmental sustainability.

Apart from providing fresh produce, the vegetable gardens also serve as an outdoor classroom for children, offering them hands-on learning experiences. Children can observe plant life cycles and understand the importance of the environment and sustainability. They can learn about different types of vegetables and how to plant and care for them. Through this experience, children develop an appreciation for nature and acquire valuable skills.

We are grateful to the D.O.V.E Fund for their support, which has made a positive difference in the lives of the children in Huong Tra commune. The vegetable gardens have been well received by the children and teachers, and we hope to continue to create similar projects in the future.

Hearts For Hue team.

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