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Providing school supplies for children affected by flood

Due to the storms and flood disaster, Hearts for Hue have worked with management boards of primary and secondary school partners where Hearts for Hue cooperated with Universities from Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia to implement community service programs to get to know the overview about disaster damages to these schools especially student school books. …

Flooding Disaster Relief Fund

Over the past 20 days, Hue has been hitting by a number of severe typhoons and floods. The people again have been suffering a great loss of lives and poverty. According to the data of the, at least 130 people were killed, 20 people are not found. A thousand houses were badly damaged and other crop were buried in flood and mud. In addition, nearly 950,000 cattle and poultry were killed and swept away. The flooding has devastated Hue and cut off the food supplies to the families across the remote areas.

Hearts For Hue’s September 2020 Newsletter

Dear Donors, Colleagues, and Friends,

First of all, Hearts For Hue would like to send our warmest greetings and best wishes to all of you and express our sincere thanks for your support of disadvantaged people in Vietnam. We would like to share with you an overview of what our organization was doing from August to September  2020.  Please take a look at our project highlights below:

Storm Noul Disaster Relief Fund

On Friday 18th September, Hue was hit by Storm Noul. Noul is the largest storm to have hit Hue in recent years, and wreaked havoc across the province. At least 6 people died, many more were injured and approximately 2,000 homes were destroyed or badly damaged.

The rural poor were the most effected. Their houses are least able to resist the storm; many have lost their roofs and walls. Unfortunately, local authorities will be least able to assist the rural poor in the recovery process.