August: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Song’s Family

On 10th, 11th and12th August 2017, Hearts For Hue in collaboration with We Are Bamboo organized a successful Volunteer Project for Mrs.Song’s family. Mrs. Song is a single mom of two children at the school age, having been beaten by her ex-husband so she divorced and she has suffered from a bit mental illness. Thanks to the local government, they currently live in an abandoned medical clinic building but without a kitchen, toilet and necessary facilities. She has to cook in her bedroom. She works as a scrap dealer to make ends meet and bring her offspring up, both school fees of her children and living expenses have been on her shoulders.

Understanding their difficult situation, a team of 18 international volunteers started their 3-days project with the aim of improving their lives. The volunteers renovated all the rooms, walls and roofs, and then making the self-contained composting toilet and chicken coop on the first day. The next day, we built a new kitchen, bathroom and completed all basic building tasks. And the last day, we repainted all the walls, made the cesspit, finished the chicken coop, then set free forty 21-day-old chicks to the coop. The volunteers also provided her with some pots, gas stove, electric kettles, etc,… to support her more conveniences. As a result, she and her family really have a better life with new painted house, hygienic latrine. Particularly, she now has a new chicken coop to raise more chicks and generate more income, contributed to raising her children who are at school age.

Mrs. Song shared with us: “I am very grateful for what the team has done for me and my family in these three days. This is the best day of my whole life and my family”.


We would like to thank the 18 volunteers from different countries of We Are Bamboo for their supporting in contributing the success of our project about improving living condition for the poor people, particularly is Mrs. Song’s family.

Hearts For Hue Team.

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