April: Ms Dang Thi Thuy’s Family

Ms. Dang Thi Thuy ( 47 years old) ’s family is one of the poorest households in the Vinh Thai Community. Her family has 4 children including 1 son ( 21 years old; tailor), Ms Le Thi Hoai (20 years old, who has got down syndrome) and 2 daughters who are 10 years old and 7 years old, still study in grade 5 and grade 2 in primary school. Now, Ms. Thuy and her husband are working as farmers to support her children to keep going to school. However, raising pigs and planting peanuts don’t bring a stable income for her family (around 1 mil/ per month) particularly in the rainy season; it will be much harder to earn living. The local authority tried to help her by presented some chickens for her family before, however, they have been keeping chickens together with the pigs in the pig shelter which is unqualified to raise well chicken. At present, raising animals is the simplest activity for her to take care of children as well as making income.

From 18th to 20th April, a group of 6 volunteers from We Are Bamboo, in conjunction with Hearts For Hue built a completed chicken coop to help the family expand their raising scale. It is expected that the flock of chicken grow up quickly in the qualified chicken coop and family will generate more income from  the chicken.

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