April: Mrs Hien’s Family


From the 11th to the 13th of April a new group of “We are Bamboo” volunteers visited Hue to write a new chapter in the long-lasting and fruitful relationship with Hearts For Hue.

“We are Bamboo” partners with Hearts For Hue our Disability Support Program which provides assistance to individuals living with a disability and their families. The Program works to improve people’s living conditions through economic stability and job creation, as well as supporting their integration into society.

Hearts For Hue’s Disability Support Program has supported in Thua Thien Hue Province more than 1.000 people living with a physical or mental disability.

“We are Bamboo” plays a significant role in the development of one part of our Program. Volunteers coming from many countries around the globe will visit Hue during few days to help a disadvantaged family and to build for the family a chicken coop. Volunteers will pay for the materials to build the chicken coop and will build it themselves. They will also pay for 30 chickens, 21 days old fully vaccinated chicks, as well as for some chicken food.

This time, the team of 17 international volunteers, completed with other volunteers from Hearts For Hue, traveled to the commune of Vinh Hà, in Thua Thien Hue Province, to work at Ms. Hiền house. The task is to build a kitchen, a toilet and a chicken coop. 

Vinh Hà is located very close to one of the several lagoons between the village and the coast line. Due to the proximity of the lagoon the soil is very sandy, perfect for a beach but very poor to plant any vegetable. That kind of sandy soil isn’t good for construction either. Ms. Hiền current house was built 9 years ago with the support of the local fund.

Ms. Hiền is 52 years old. Ten years ago, his husband died, leaving her with two children, now aged 19 and 10. She lives with her young daughter while his son works in Ho Chi Minh City as a tailor. She has been working as a construction worker but recently a traffic accident has damaged her lung, an injury that significantly affects her working capacity. The family is facing serious difficulties and we have considered that raising chickens is a rather easy task that she can perform, and such an activity can help her and her family. 

Our amazement capacity has no limits when it comes to talk about the volunteers from “We Are Bamboo”. Amazing people that keep surprising us visit after visit, day after day. You can feel their good vibes from the very moment they board the bus every morning to go to carry out their volunteer work. Positive force to operate a positive change in disadvantaged people’s lives.

Ms. Hiền is a small woman but full of energy and passion. The adverse circumstances that she has experienced in her life don’t seem to have affected her amazing will to live. Difficult to express with words the atmosphere that soon took over the working site. Ms. Hiền opened her house and her heart to the volunteers and the volunteers gave all their efforts for her and her family. They not only wanted to build a kitchen, a toilet or a chicken coop for her but also to try to make her life a bit more comfortable with many different things they offered to buy, as well as to sponsor the education of her daughter. Said and done. 

Ms. Hiền and her sister did not only look after the needs of the volunteers. They also signed up for construction work demonstrating knowledge and enviable strength and determination.

No doubt that Ms. Hiền, her sister and daughter won over the hearts of the volunteers and the hearts of anyone who had the opportunity to visit the working site on those days of April.

Days went by and the constructions began to take shape. On Saturday the construction of the chicken coop was completed, and it was ready to receive the first chicks. This is maybe the most beautiful moment of these experiences, when volunteers and families cannot hide smiles and tears. 

Once again, the joint work of “We Are Bamboo” and Hearts For Hue has successfully completed a new project under the Disability Support Program. All these was possible to the selfless work of volunteers and officers, to the people’s positive force to operate a positive change in disadvantaged people’s lives. 

Hearts for Hue.







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