From May 26 to 28, a group of 37 students and 5 teachers from ACS International (Singapore) participated in Hue Community Service in Quang Phu commune. The group sponsored 3 chicken coops for 3 poor families in the commune.

Within a three-day project, the group, divided into 3 teams, worked alongside local constructors to build 3 chicken coops. This was a great opportunity for the students to learn new skills in making the foundation, fence, and chicken beds, building the walls, sewing the curtains, and other skills in construction.

In addition, ACS International’s (Singapore) team also visited Quang Phu 1 Primary School, organized English lessons, and distributed soaps for students there.

On behalf of the three households, Hearts for Hue would like to sincerely thank the students and teachers from ACS International (Singapore) for supporting our community.

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