Virtual Solidarity Coffee turned into chickens

On September 11th, 2018 we were pleased to receive in our offices a group of members of the Spanish NGO “Share A Coffee For”

“Share A Coffee For” is a solidarity initiative aimed at raising funds for social projects by small donations under the form of “virtual solidarity coffees”. Funds raised through the sale of virtual solidarity coffees are committed to several purposes which you may choose by selecting one among different “coffee flavors”. Donors may choose to allocate the proceeds of their virtual coffee to humanitarian aid, environment, childhood, woman, education, elderly, social aid emergencies, animals and health.

So, “Share A Coffee For” sells virtual solidarity coffees and with the help of donors burns the funds into aid.

In our opinion “Share A Coffee For” is a lovely initiative that gives to thousands of ordinary people the opportunity to positively impact in the lives of disadvantaged people or in other areas that deserve the attention of society by contributing a small amount of money. And all that while you enjoy a delicious cup of virtual solidarity coffee. Or in other words, as our friends say, “Coffee brings people together. If we share a coffee to build a better world, coffee becomes a simple but powerful tool”

And Hearts For Hue got chosen among many other NGOs to apply some alchemist means and to turn the solidarity coffees into chickens intended to help people with disabilities.

Among the different programs managed by Hearts For Hue there are some aimed at improving the conditions of life of poor and disabled people by raising animals, in this case, by raising chickens. This activity is meant to fill the life of disabled people and at the same time to allow them to generate a source of income by selling their products in the market. Programs also contemplate the possibility of delivering training sessions to help disable people to get acquainted with chicken raising activities

Today, 18th October 2018, we have visited  Huong Van Commune, just some miles away from Hue city, bringing with us the virtual solidarity coffees of our Spanish friends in the form of 300 chickens, each of them being 21 days old and already vaccinated.  Huong Van Commune is an impoverished area of Thua Thien Hue province that is fighting to improve the living conditions of its population.

Waiting for us at the commune there were 10 beneficiaries chosen by Hearts For Hue with the collaboration of the local People’s Committee. The distribution took place in an orderly manner and after a few minutes, beneficiaries were trying to properly load 30 yellow colored chicks on their bicycles and motorbikes.

Helping people, positively influencing their lives, opening up new horizons for them, opening doors to hope, filling lives with affection and love are amazing actions, amazing experiences.

when beneficiaries are disabled people there is a plus of emotion because you get the filling to be helping people that in some way have been forgotten and left aside by society. Reports show that disabled people account for poverty and social exclusion and actions of this one of our friends in Spain become an essential help for them, a small but meaningful effort to try to bring some happiness into their world.

Mr Agustin.

Hearts For Hue Team.

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