Construction of 33 hygienic latrines soon to begin in Hong Thuy Commune, A Luoi District, Thua Thien Hue Province

Sponsored by The DOVE FUND, Hearts for Hue recently cooperated with the People’s Committee of Hong Thuy Commune to survey the needs of hygienic latrines of 33 local households on July 25th 2018.

Huong Nguyen Commune has a population of 3,150 people. They are mostly from the Katu ethnic group.In 2017, under sponsored of Dove Fund, 40 households of Hong Thuy commune had a chance to access clean and safe water system for their daily life. However, most of the local people here haven’t had hygienic latrines as their living conditions to generally be very low.

Loan disbursement in Huong Van, Vinh Phu and Quang Phuoc Community

In May,  2018 under the continuous sponsorship of the VESAF, NFP, Hearts For Hue with the Microfinance Project supported 73 new poor families with a loan size of 7,000,000 VND (USD 312) each, with the total amount disbursed of 350 million VND for 50 families in Huong Van Commune, 13 families in Quang Phuoc with the total amount disbursed of 91 million and 10 families in Vinh Phu Commune with 70 million.

Establishing an Efficient Water Program and the Necessity of Hygienic Latrines in Hong Thuy Commune

With the support of the DOVE Fund, Hearts For Hue has worked in collaboration with the Thua Thien Hue Water Company to install a water supply system for 40 households in Hong Thuy Commune, A Luoi District. Hong Thuy is located more than 100km from Hue City near the Lao border. It is a mountainous village where the rugged terrain makes farming quite difficult.